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Jedi Jack's Halloween Costume
10/31/07 - I didn't keep track of what I was working on throughout the month of October very closely, but here are some progress pictures of the Halloween costume I put together for Jackson.

Starting with a cheap plastic spaceman helmet from Archie Mcphee's, I cut some sheet lexan into various shaped plates, to augment the helmet, and to form a breastplate and other armor plates, as well as his shoes.

The Jetpack started with a few plastic bottles, with lexan sheeting bolted over to form the body of the pack.

Here's a closeup of the LED driver. Two LEDs went into each side of the helmet, housed in two makeup compacts that I cajoled from Holly.
A few coats of silver spraypaint, and assembly begins
Here's the lad, armored up and ready to fly!
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