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Fujitsu Interactive, Inc.
Title: 3D Graphic Designer -> Lead Animator -> 3D Production Manager

I was hired as a 3D Graphic Designer at Fujitsu, creating artwork for an interactive storybook title as a value-added supplement for Fujitsu's flagship A-life product "FinFin". Our production team was small, and some members were inexperienced for their roles, which gave me the opportunity to make a larger contribution and expand my responsibilities into management.

I was promoted to Lead Animator and later to 3D Production Manager and became involved in all stages of title development encompassing numerous productions, from concept stage through preplanning and pipeline, production, international localization and marketing materials such as packaging, merchandising and advertising.

Clips: Packaging, Merchandising and other Print Graphics:
"To Teo and Back with Jack" Animated Storybook: FinFin & Related Products:
FinFin Boxcover Art Finfin Merchandising: CD Jewelcase & Liner Artwork, Coffee mug and Magnet FinFin Christmas Card
Logo animations for tradeshow video: Masters of the Arcade Game Series:
Darius Gaiden Box Cover Art Puzzle Bobble 2 Boxcover Art Battle Arena Toshinden 2 T-Shirt graphic
My old business cards:
Art Production:
Created a wide variety of assets for interactive CDROM, web, video, packaging and merchandising. Created original story concepts. Designed game interactivity. Localized software in 5 languages for worldwide distribution.
System and network administration for 4 SGI workstations and 5 Power Mac systems. Ordered and built machines, installed operating systems and software, networked them together and to a Sun server, adminstered users and groups for pipeline safety, created directory structures for multiple productions, and configured multithreaded rendering across the SGI network.
Production Management:
Established budgeting, timeline and pipeline for interactive title with producer. Managed staff of 2 animators, 2 data wranglers, and 2 programmers. Managed all assets during production. Trained at Fujitsu Heavy Industries in Akashi, Japan in their proprietary CID graphics format (for localization).
"To Teo & Back With Jack, An Animated Storybook" - Original story concept, art and interactivity design, production budget, timeline and pipeline, hired and managed staff, managed all assets, modeled and textured all sets, props and characters, animated sprites and cutscenes,
"See the World By Train: Orient Express" - Box cover art
"BioPunx" - Designed and created logo and animation for tradeshow video
"FinFin Deluxe Edition" - Box cover art and merchandise graphics, localization in 5 languages
FujitsuInteractive.com - Animated banner ads and web graphics
Operation Spyder: The Internet Detective - Designed logo and animated intro cutscene
"Masters of the Arcade" - Box cover art and merchandise graphics for Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Puzzle Bobble 2, Darius Gaiden (magnets, T-shirt graphics, coffee mugs)
K-9 Cyber Companion - Box cover art
MMVII Guy Garrison - All rights reserved. Use without authorization is prohibited.