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Jedi Jack's Halloween Costume
10/31/07 - I didn't keep track of what I was working on throughout the month of October very closely, but here are some progress pictures of the Halloween costume I put together for Jackson.

Starting with a cheap plastic spaceman helmet from Archie Mcphee's, I cut some sheet lexan into various shaped plates, to augment the helmet, and to form the breastplate, shoulder spauldings and other armor plates, as well as his shoes.

The Jetpack started with a few plastic bottles, with lexan sheeting bolted over to form the body of the pack.

Here's a closeup of the LED driver. Two LEDs went into each side of the helmet, housed in two makeup compacts that I cajoled from Holly. The same chip drives five other LEDs on the jetpack.
A few coats of silver spraypaint, and assembly begins.
Here's the lad, armored up and ready to fly! This was a fun and quick project, and we overheard quite a few other kids (as well as a few Dads) jealous comments on how cool he looked.
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