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Lunarfish Productions
Lunarfish was a small FX and animation production house in San Francisco that was formed in the mid-90s by two friends of mine, Ed Davis and Michael Carp. I worked on two freelance contracts with them. Lunarfish moved down to LA and went on to do commercial work as well as subcontract FX work for several films.

3DMart Singapore - Woodblock Project

The Woodblock project was one of the first 3D model and animation libraries marketed online. Between two modeler/animators, we cranked out 120 looping animated scenes in six weeks, modeling the objects, adding materials, textures, lighting and animation controls, as well as animating them. Our deliverables included the original Softimage scenes, 16-frame looped animated .gifs of each model, a large-format tga file of each model and each model in .dxf format.

The graphics were to depict seasonal, aesthetic or occasion-based animations. The list of objects and animations they gave us were pretty random.


The project wasn't glamorous, but it was fun. Most of the objects move in unconventional ways, so it was an interesting exercise applying obscure animation controls to get the movement required by the spec.

I understand that the library was moderately successful in Asia. Every once in a while, I'll still come across one of our models or gifs on a japanese website. I even recently saw one of the models on a plumbing company ad on the back of a bus here in Seattle.



Lunarfish was subcontracted by the game company Blam! to build a number of 3D characters for prerendered sprites for their title under development "Monkey Hero".

Blam! Characters
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