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Venice Under Glass - Interactive HiDef Game - Megamedia Corp

Titles: Technical Director, Sr. Animator

Duties included all aspects of 3D production, modeling characters and sets, lighting, character rigging, rendering and render effects (such as fur and Arete shaders), and asset conversion. I also produced high-resolution renders for print ads, packaging, merchandising and marketing collateral, such as a point-of-sale box and a 6' light box.

VUG originally started out as an all-3D interactive CDROM game, which, due to the costs of modeling large areas of Venice, changed direction in mid-production to Hi Definition video backgrounds with 3D animated characters.

To utilize the now-unused models, a screen saver set was produced as an inclusion to the game, but Megamedia Corp unfortunately sank beneath the waves of the dot-com bust before the game was finished.

Can't see the image above? Get the DIVX codec.
Character tests and other Clips: (requires DIVX)
Basil Bear Walkcycle Uncle Clive Bear Walkcycle Harley Kino Bear Juggle cycle Primo and Camilla Playing ball cycle Primo Jumping Rope cycle Arturo the Street Sweeper Cycle Fondaco, rainy evening Inspector Loredan Speeds to the Scene Children Play on the Ponte de la Scalzi The Palais Balbi Catarina Fondamente Nuove at sunset Fabrizio Gondolier cycle Late afternoon at the San Felice Canal A moody morning at the Fondamente Nuove Dusk at the Fondamente Nuove San Simeone Piccolo on the Grand Canal San Simeone Piccolo at night San Geremia at night
A view of the Grand Canal, San Geremia in the distance Under the Ponte de la Scalzi
Don't want DIVX? Here are stills:
Palais Balbi San Catarina The Donata at the Fondemente Nuove San Felice Canal Fondamente Nuove Fondamente Nuove at dusk The Fondaco in the rain The Grand Canal (San Simeone Piccolo) San Simeone Piccolo at night San Geremia Cathedral at night San Geremia Cathedral by day Ponte de la Scalzi Ponte de la Scalzi Inspector Loredan in his speedboat
Point of Purchase box Point of Purchase box and instructions;  game inclusions, Basil Bear Button, CD Sleeve, Basil Bear Sticker, and CD Liner notes/instructions
MMVII Guy Garrison - All rights reserved. Use without authorization is prohibited.