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"Richie Rich's Christmas Wish", Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

I freelanced six FX shots for Metropolis Digital on this production, but only this one was used in the final release. Due to an error on Metropolis' part, I never received credit for working on the film...which is a shame for me, since this title starred Martin Mull, Susan Sarandon, a young David Gallagher and Eugene Levy...some names I would like to drop legitimately (obviously, I'm dropping them anyway).

I generated several animated particle and 3D sequences and composited all my shots, including greenscreen removal and cleanup of the original video sources. Aside from wire removal, this is the longest FX sequence in the movie and was used in the TV ads. Cleaning up the shots with David Gallagher flailing around on top of a green stool was difficult, as his arm often flailed behind the legs of the stool.

I do have the original source renders, which is the only proof that I did the work, having no other means to be at Metropolis Digital to acquire the rendered frames.
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