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Swing Time Magazine

Touted as "The tastemaker bible of the Swing Scene", Swing Time Magazine was published quarterly out of the living room of a grubby victorian apartment in the Haight/Ashbury district of San Francisco. It grew from a black-and-white fan rag to being considered a definitive Swing lifestyle guide that greatly influenced the rise of independent small local scenes to a nationwide trend.

At the peak of the trend, we had world-wide distribution, released two compilation CDs and were featured in other magazines, newspaper articles and several TV shows.

I was involved from '95 until '99, producing a variety of artwork for ads, articles, CD liners, and even animations for video. I developed original artwork as well as graphics co-designed with the editor Michael Moss and the staff illustrator, Fritz Stryker.

STM was a labor of love. The staff all worked hard and often late. Working on the magazine was a great opportunity to grow as an artist. My eye and technique improved greatly during the time I spent on the mag. At the time, 3D was an expensive, difficult and obscure medium not available on the scale it is today. It really gave me a chance to improve my technicals in modeling, texturing, lighting and compositing, as well as a chance to just design for fun.

Fun was really the central goal while we blundered our way through 13 issues. I also got to enjoy the perks of being part of a successful grassroots pop-culture publication. It was the perfect way to live one's 20s...backstage passes, private parties and hanging out with musicians, artists and generally wierd folks.

Covers - I came in on Issue #3, but I thought I'd include the first two issues for the sake of posterity.
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