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Tribeca Interactive - "9" - This title was originally to be called "The Aerosmithsonian" and was to be an eyecandy showspace for Aerosmith, featuring amazing artwork designed and painted by the notorious Mark Ryden. T.I. ran into legal difficulties procuring the rights to Aerosmith's tracks, so the storyline of the Last Resort was cobbled together and the title was released as an interactive game.

Since Robert DeNiro and his producer Jane Rosenthal were the power behind the project, the game had the biggest names to ever voice an interactive CDROM, including Christopher Reeve as Thurston Last, Cher as Isadora, Jim Belushi as Salty, Ellen DeGeneres as the Octopus Lady, Anne Heche as Miss G-String and Joe Perry and Steve Tyler from Aerosmith as the Toxic Twins.

Freelance Modeler and Animator - Credited with 'Additional Animation' (Which I thought was a rip-off, but at that time, I was more concerned with the pay than the title).

9 was the first freelance contract I took after leaving Softimage in 1996. The lead animator quit in mid-production and took his primary assistant with him, leaving T.I. in the lurch. I was hired to work with their remaining animator to complete the game. By the time I started production, most of the game assets had already been built. My part in the production was primarily as a sprite and cutscene animator. Here are many of the amazing textures, scenes and characters that comprised the game.

Drum Room
Dali Room
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