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Curriculum Vitae
Auerbach Engineering & Manufacturing, LLC
  Auerbach Engineering & Manufacturing, LLC - Proprietor
Rise of Aester Steampunk LARP and RPG   Rise of Aester, LLC - Partner, Director of Product Development
Aesterfilms, LLC - Developing
  Aesterfilms, LLC - Partner, Head Screenwriter
Coming soon: "Bohemibot" HD short film by Brendan Bellomo - coming soon   "Bohemibot" - Digital Modeler
"Forest Family Forever" - Rainforest Action Network - DVD Video Release - Technical Director/Animator/Camera Operator   "Forest Family Forever", Rainforest Action Network - Technical Director, Animator, Camera Operator
"Venice Under Glass" - Megamedia Games - HiDef Disc Game - Technical Director/Sr. Animator   Megamedia, Ltd., - Technical Director, Sr. Animator
Fujitsu Interactive, Inc. - 3D Production Manager   Fujitsu Interactive, Inc. - 3D Graphic Designer, Lead Animator, 3D Production Manager
Lunarfish - 3D Modeler/Animator   Lunarfish - Contract 3D Modeler/Animator
"9" -Tribeca Interactive - Freelance Modeler and Animator   Tribeca Interactive - Contract 3d Modeler/Animator (credit "Additional Animation")
"Swing Time Magazine"   Swingtime Magazine - 3D Graphic Designer/Modeler
Centron Corporation - Freelance Animator/Technical Director   Centron, Inc. - Contract Animator/Technical Director/Videographer
"Richie Rich's Christmas Wish" - Metropolis Digital - DVD Video Release - Freelance FX Artist   Metropolis Digital - Contract FX Artist
Coming Soon: "Radical Beauty" - OM Records/Nick Philip - Character Rigging/SGI mysticism for Interactive CDROM

Radical Beauty - Technical/3D support (Special Thanks Credit)

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